Latest range of high efficiency gas boilers from Alpha

This article is about Alpha and gives information about their current range including the Intec2 SE system gas boiler models, Intex2 XE combination gas boiler and our pick of the bunch the Alpha Intec2 CE combination gas boiler.

Who are Alpha

Alpha Heating Innovation was established nearly 50 years ago. Based in the UK they have grown from a fledgling local heating installation company to a national heating appliance manufacturer. Alpha prides itself on combining its traditional business values with a highly innovative approach to all aspects of its operation.

In the summer of 2015 Alpha officially released its new boiler range. The new boilers have been completely redesigned to meet the needs of the new Energy related Products (ErP) Directive which came into force in September 2015. We like to compare Alpha boilers to Skoda! Why? In our opinion, a number of years back Alpha’s reputation was questionable with common boiler issues on a number of products in their range. But when we visited their in-house training facility it was clear Alpha has made a complete turnaround in the quality of their new range, which is being backed up by the extended warranties they now offer as standard. And it’s this reason that we now believe Alpha offers an affordable range of high efficiency boilers that live up to the things that matter most to our customers – build quality, reliability, energy efficiency and ease of operation.

Introducing the Alpha Heating Innovation boiler range

By far the most popular boilers being installed today are combination boilers, suited for small to medium size homes they are an efficient way to heat your home and deliver instant hot water whenever you need it. Alpha’s entry-level combination boiler is the Intec2 XE, a compact unit that offers great value for money with the option of benefiting from a warranty of up to 6 years (when installed with an Alpha Premier Pack 2 kit).

What’s an Alpha Premier Pack 2 Kit?

The premier pack 2 kit includes a wall mounted bracket/piping jig which incorporates an Alpha Cyclone Device. In a nutshell, this innovative device removes debris from your heating system (using both magnetic and centrifugal force), which reduces the risk of damage to the boiler.

Our pick of the bunch is the Alpha Intec2 CE range of combination boilers. Models in this range come with an impressive 8 year warranty as standard (when installed with a Premier pack 2 kit) and at a very competitive price which the other large manufacturers struggle to compete with.

The ease in which these boilers can be installed, commissioned and serviced will assist in keeping future maintenance costs down. The boiler includes a completely redesigned aluminium heat exchanger and a high quality Grundfos hydroblock pump set. This is the part that can be an expensive failure in boilers so a good reputable brand like Grundfos is an essential component in keeping things running smoothly.

Another excellent feature included is an electronic seasonality valve, which continually measures the inlet and outlet mains water temperatures, automatically adjusting the flow of water to maintain a constant temperature of hot water.

Combination boilers in the Alpha Intec2 CE range also offer a high level control with a gas valve that can run as low as 10% of its maximum output (1:10 modulation). This greatly reduces the risk of your boiler overheating the radiator circuit when the house is reaching its desired temperature that’s just a waste of energy!

Alpha’s combination boilers also have a good range of controls to suit the needs of many installations. You can even choose the Honeywell Evohome smart control system with this boiler, and if you did you’d have a boiler carrying an A+ energy rating label, the highest efficiency any condensing gas boiler can achieve. How’s that for super efficient.

We also should mention that Alpha offer a range of system boilers, Intec2 SE, that share the same high quality components in the Intec2 CE combination boiler, and a regular heat only boiler to suit more traditional installations.

We think Alpha Heating Innovation Boilers are well worth considering and if you’d like to chat to us about which boiler may be best suited to your needs, please give us a call on 01353 862315.