A beginner’s guide to Air Source Heat Pumps

You may have heard of air source heating but might not have the right facts to decide whether this is an option for you.

Here at Clarity, we decided to break down all the information and provide you with some insight…

Air Source heat pumps explained:

  • An air source heat pump works in a similar way to how a fridge extracts heat to cool your food, as it extracts heat from the outside air. The air then passes through a compressor to increase the temperature which feeds the heating and hot water circuits in the house.
  • After March 31st, 2022, you can receive a voucher for £5000 through The Clean Heat Grant to help pay for your air-source. More information here.


  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Can save you money long term
  • Energy efficient

Why Clarity Heating?

  • At Clarity Heating we have been installing air source heat pumps since 2015.
  • Our experienced engineers can provide expert information and advice if you are considering an air source heat pump.
  • We can tailor the installation to your requirements, including installations in new builds, retrofit and hybrid systems

Myth busting…

An Air Source heat pump will be really noisy: FALSE, at around 50 – 55 dBA it is no louder than a quiet conversation between two people.

An Air Source Heat Pump is not affordable: FALSE, by using The Clean Heat Grant it can be really affordable and save you money in the long run

Heat pumps are not powerful enough to heat my home all year round: FALSE, The refrigerant in heat pumps can absorb heat when outdoor temperatures are as low as -20 degree C and still keep your house warm.

Heat pumps take up too much space/look ugly outside my home: FALSE, Heat pumps vary in size depending on the output required. As a guide smaller units measure around 850mm wide x 330m deep, sitting at a height of around 880mm. The larger units that have 2 fans will measure around 1000mm wide x 330mm deep x 1400 high.

Common Q&As about heat pumps:

‘Can I have a heat pump installed using my existing radiators?’

A: Yes, you can, BUT, this will be determined once full heat loss calculations are carried out.

‘Does it matter if I don’t change my radiators?’

A: Yes, if the calculations show the radiators you have are not the right size, you will struggle to have a warm room.

‘If I go for a more powerful heat pump will my home be warmer?’

A: The heat pump must be sized correctly for your property, in order to work efficiently.

‘Will my hot water be warm enough?’

A: Yes, heat pumps can easily cope with heating your hot water cylinder to 55 degree C, more than enough for a nice hot bath or shower.

That was Clarity Heatings beginners guide to an Air-Source Heat Pump, if you are interested in a consultation with Clarity Heating Engineers please email us on office@clarityheating.com or ring 01353 862315.

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