Our story

A professional, experienced and widely respected team

Clarity Heating was established in 2009 when Vince Rudgewick and Mark Murfitt realised that customers needed a reliable business they could turn to that would help them with all their heating requirements, a “one stop shop”, which made heating simpler to understand and where they could make the right decision to suit their needs.

With over 20 years in the heating industry, Founder and MD,Vince Rudgewick has developed an understanding of what is important to make every customer’s (both domestic and commercial) heating system the most efficient it can be. He strongly believes that by sharing information with customers on how todays’ modern boilers and heating systems work, they can make an informed decision on what’s right for them and their home, or office, and within their budget – increasing efficiency and saving on pennies too. Vince is a qualified top notch, domestic and commercial heating engineer, working with gas, LPG and oil – and is always on hand to offer his experience and advice.

Mark Murfitt (Director) brings a wealth of knowledge in technical electrical and heating controls issues, with today’s heating systems needing just as much skill in electrical as plumbing – it’s this all round knowledge that is setting us a part from the competition. Mark also is an ace when it comes to problem solving on Under Floor Heating (UFH) issues.

Due to an increase in customer demand, and in line with Clarity Heating’s commitment to ensuring customers receive a first class service, Amelia Murfitt (Director) joined the team in 2011. Amelia is responsible for looking after the customers from the moment of their enquiry, to ensuring they are happy at the end of the project. Our office, and team(!), is now managed with super efficient processes, meaning that our standards are kept high and customers have a point of contact at all times, which is as important to them, as it is to us.

Our team are well respected within the heating industry and are often called upon by both boiler and UFH manufacturers when they come up against challenging fault issues arising from third party installations. 

We work with a wide range of clients which include home owners, large country estate, period properties, churches, community buildings, schools, letting agent/landlords, offices and manufacturing companies. A typical week sees our Heating Heroes cover Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk – but we are always ready to go the extra mile for larger heating installations or specific fault finding projects.

We are local, we support local

As a small business we pride ourselves on working within our local community and support it through employment and using local services such as Accounting/Bookkeeping Services, Administration Services, Marketing, Printers and Sub-Contractors.

In 2014 we also sponsored a locally organised “bake off” – well we couldn’t resist!

We’re not called Clarity for nothing
Clarity Heating provide a no-nonsense, customer friendly, responsible boiler installation and repair service. Read more about our principles in this blog post from our founder Vince Rudgewick.
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