Air Source Heat Pump installations and repairs

Air Source Heating Installers

Clarity Heating are leading heating engineers in the East of England and are constantly striving to deliver the best possible service to our customers.

Our experienced engineers can provide expert information and advice if you are considering an air source heat pump. We can tailor the installation to your requirements, including installations in new builds, retrofit and hybrid systems. At Clarity Heating we have been installing air source heat pumps since 2015.

An air source heat pump works in a similar way to how a fridge extracts heat to cool your food, as it extracts heat from the outside air. The air then passes through a compressor to increase the temperature which feeds the heating and hot water circuits in the house.

This makes air source heating highly efficient, helping to lower your home’s carbon footprint. For every unit of electric used the pump creates 3-4.5 units of heat output.

Air source Heating pump installation from Clarity Heating in Ely

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    Why should I choose Air Source Heating?

    Air Source Heat Pump installations and repairs

    How we install air source heating pumps

    Our engineer will measure and check existing radiators or underfloor heating during a site survey to ensure they are suitable sizes for the pump to work at maximum efficiency.

    For an air source heat pump to supply hot water, a specific cylinder will need to be installed. These cylinders benefit from a larger coil size compensating for the lower temperatures the air source heat pump work at.

    At Clarity Heating, we only install the very best boilers, control, and systems from manufacturers we trust and who make (in our opinion) units which are both efficient and long lasting.

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    Air Source Heat Pump installations and repairs

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      Air Source Heat Pump FAQs

      No, an air source heat pump runs between 55 to 65 dB which is similar to the noise levels of a normal conversation.

      Yes, our team of engineers correctly design an air source heat pump to suit your specific needs.

      An air source heat pump can be located in numerous outdoor locations including front or back garden and even wall mounted. Our engineer will discuss your specific location options with you on a site survey.

      Currently the UK government is offering a Green Homes Grant voucher towards the cost of installing energy efficient improvements to your home, this includes an air source heat pump installation. The voucher can cover between £5,000 to £10,000 (dependent on personal circumstances) towards the installation of an air source heat pump and runs until March 2022. To find out more information about installing an air source heat pump through the green homes grant please get in contact with us.

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