Get that warm glow by bleeding your radiators

Bleed your radiators - or get the experts from Clarity Heating Engineers in Ely to help youThe mornings have started getting frosty, but are you cosy and warm inside your home?

If your heating is switched on but the house feels decidedly chilly, you may have trapped air in your system.


The simple solution is probably that your radiators need bleeding – and this should resolve the problem.

But, before doing so, check for signs of more serious problems. Look for rust or water underneath your radiators – this could mean a leak in your heating system.

Check the boiler power light is on or pilot light is lit, that the boiler pressure is at the correct level and that you have no leaks from your boiler.

Call us at Clarity Heating if you have any concerns. Our engineers serve customers in Ely, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and parts of north Essex.

If there are no signs of any other problems, our experts have put together a comprehensive guide to bleeding your radiators. If this doesn’t solve the problem you may need a Power Flush to be carried out by a reliable heating company, like Clarity. Alternatively you might want us to upgrade your older-style slim radiators with more efficient double panel radiators, or give your home a makeover with some traditional cast iron radiators.

We can also help you if you need a boiler service or a new boiler.

If you have any questions – contact our heating heroes – either on our live chat, our web form, or on 01353 862315.

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