Time to get your boiler serviced?

Our summer of record-breaking temperatures has come to an end, and Autumn leaves are all around. So although, hopefully, it will be a few more weeks before you start thinking about switching on your heating more regularly, we recommend you check now whether your boiler needs servicing.

How often should you have your boiler serviced?

We recommend you service your boiler every 12 months. But don’t just take our word for it, under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1988, all landlords are required by law to supply tenants with a Gas Safety certificate every 12 months. So, as a homeowner, employing the services of a qualified Gas Safe engineer to check your boiler is must!

An annual boiler service will ensure everything is working efficiently and reduce the risk of wear resulting in expensive replacement parts. A Gas Safe (formally known as Corgi) registered engineer can also ensure you’ve no dangerous carbon monoxide gas leaks. It is worth noting, in the unlikely event of a gas explosion or fire, some home insurance policies are invalidated if you don’t have an annual boiler service.

Servicing your boiler when engineers are likely to be less busy is a sensible idea

The late summer weeks are ideal because, if there is an issue with your boiler, you won’t be left cold while it is being repaired. You wouldn’t want to repair your roof in the pouring rain so don’t wait until the winter for your boiler service.

If you’ve just moved home and haven’t got sight of a Gas Safety Certificate then before you start using your boiler and gas appliances, call in the experts. Carbon Monoxide poisoning can result in death. It is odourless and hard to detect so best to play it safe.

Your boiler may appear to be fully functioning and it might be tempting to avoid a service but problems can build up over time. Waiting until your boiler breaks is likely to mean a higher repair cost as well as the inconvenience of putting a stop to your central heating and warm shower plans.

Book a Boiler Service with Clarity Heating

Clarity Heating are leading heating engineers in the East of England and we’re constantly striving to deliver the best service. Whether you need to book your annual boiler service, require an expert to look at your faulty heating, wish to replace an old boiler or install a new heating system, or would like a gas appliance safety check, we have a qualified engineer for the job. We can also provide Gas Safety Certificates for landlords and letting agents, and central heating system health checks for new home owners/tenants.

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