New boiler installation for LPG, Gas & oil boilers in Ely & Cambridge

Choosing the right boiler brand is very important to your central heating efficiencyIf you are renovating your home, adding an extension or building a new home, Clarity Heating can help you with a new boiler installation quickly and professionally. We install boilers which are fuelled by natural gas (mains), LPG (bottled, bulk tank – above or under ground) and Oil.

New boiler installation from £1,600

If you are looking to replace (or arrange a repair for) an old or broken boiler please visit our Boiler Replacement and Repairs page for more information.

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Supplying the very best heating boilers

We install only the very best boilers from manufacturers we trust and who make, in our opinion, boilers which are both efficient and long lasting, standing up to the rigours of daily use. In fact the boilers we install typically last anything from 15 to 20 years – and cost you less in the long run, both to heat your home, and because it won’t need replacing as often as a cheaper unit.

We are also specialists on installing boilers in other types of buildings including large country estates, period properties, community buildings (includes schools, village halls and churches) as well as offices, retail spaces and warehouses/factories.

Will I need a hot water cylinder?

It is likely you will need a hot water cylinder to enable us to complete the boiler installation, unless we are supplying a combination boiler, which doesn’t need one. Other types of boilers need to be connected to a cylinder for hot water and we would expect to supply you with this along with your new boiler.

If you are not sure which type of boiler is right for you call us on 01353 862315 and we’ll help you make the right decision, alternatively our blog on “Choosing the right boiler” may be useful.

How long will my new boiler installation take?

A typical boiler installation (which includes a flue pipe) will take between 1 to 3 days, depending on the type of boiler you choose, where it is to be fitted and how large your property or building is. During the project our heating engineer will need to access all the radiators, airing cupboard(s) and loft space to check everything is working correctly – but most of the time they will concentrate on the area where the boiler is located.

We offer a free carbon monoxide detector with every new boiler installation we do in Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Essex

Can Clarity Heating help if I have bought my radiators already?

Yes. If you have bought and had your new radiators installed by a plumber (or another heating engineer) we can still supply and install a new boiler for you. Just let us know when you speak to us that you have radiators in place already.

If you would like us to supply and install new radiators at the same time as a new boiler installation, please visit our Central Heating Installations page for more information.

How much will my new boiler installation cost?

Boiler installations costs start from £1,600 (includes VAT). Although final quotations may vary – a typical family home will fall within this price bracket.

If you would like to arrange for Clarity Heating to visit your home/building and prepare a quotation for your boiler installation – please contact us via our request a quote form, or by calling us on 01353 862315.

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