Power flushing central heating

Clarity Heating offer power flushing for your central heating. Radiators play a very important part in bringing heat to all the areas of our homes and offices. But you may have noticed that some don’t heat up as hot as they used to be or have cold patches when you run your hands along them.

Power Flushing prices

Power flushing (incl VAT)
Average sized family home from £400
For a commercial building Price on application

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In most cases you can simply “bleed” your heating system and this will resolve the problem, but if it doesn’t you may need a Power Flush to be carried out by a competent heating company, like Clarity Heating.

If you haven’t tried bleeding your radiators and want to do so before arranging a power flush – follow our guide here “How to: bleed your radiators – a handy guide from Clarity Heating”

What is power flushing?

Power flushing equipment used by Clarity Heating in Ely, Suffolk for central heating power flushingPower flushing for central heating involves one of our heating engineers’ coming out to your property and connecting a powerful pump to your heating system.

We add chemicals to the process (which are perfectly safe to use) and circulate them through the boiler and radiators.

Our engineer will also use strong magnetic filters to trap as much dirt and debris that runs around the system and is the cause of the problem. This process can be done on any heating system no matter what fuel is used to run your boiler (Gas, LPG and Oil).

We may also carry out a power flush if we have installed a new boiler or replacement boiler for you and your existing older radiators are not warming up properly.

How disruptive is the power flush process?

The whole process is very simple and not disruptive at all. The heating engineer will only need access to the boiler and be able to go around and check all the radiators connected to the heating system. At the beginning of the process we like to run the boiler for a little while as this warms up the heating system and helps to loosen any potential sludge (magnatite). This ensures the Power Flush is as successful as possible in flushing through as much dirt and debris as it can.

Why is power flushing important?

Power Flushing is an important part of maintaining your whole heating system, especially if your radiators have been installed for a number of years. It’s far better to keep them working efficiently than replacing them.

Not forgetting that Power Flushing also improves the flow of water to the radiators which also ensures a more efficient heating system – which works hard to keep you warm and save you money.

How much will power flushing my central heating system cost?

Typically speaking a power flush of an average sized family home will only take us one day to complete. If your property or commercial building is larger, and may have multiple heating zones, we may need anything from 2-3 days. Costs for power flushing central heating systems are listed above (incl VAT).

If you would like to book a power flush for your heating system with Clarity Heating please contact us via our contact us form, or by calling us on 01353 862315.

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