Under floor heating installation

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Under floor heating is fast becoming a very popular method to heat today’s homes and commercial buildings. This is because lower temperatures are required to get the same heat out, if not more, than the more traditional radiators in your heating system. The lower the boiler flow temperature the more efficient the heating system and this results in reduced heating bills.

Don’t forget the lower the required temperature the less demand on your boiler too, which means less work for this unsung hero in your home – and that can ultimately result in your boiler having a longer life.

Under Floor Heating install costs

Underfloor Heating installation in the Ely area
The installation of under floor heating time scale and associated costs will vary depending on the type of project. Costs are therefore calculated on a per project basis following a site visit.

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How does under floor heating work?

Under floor heating works by pumping a flow of warm water from the heat source (ie your boiler) through a network of plastic pipework that is embedded in the floor. Because the area emitting the heat is quite large (just think about the size of radiators in comparison to your floor space!) – enough warmth is provided without the need for extra heating.

The pipework can be laid into a concrete floor, under a wooden floor and even retro fitted over the top of an existing floor. If you’re not sure which option you need, our experts are happy to help you make a decision, and advise costs, before any work is undertaken.

How disruptive is it to have under floor heating installed?

Under floor heating installation company in Ely and Cambridge

Example of a retro-fit under floor heating

There is quite a lot of work involved with this kind of installation as our heating engineers will need access to the whole floor space of the room(s).

This is why most people opt for this heating method when rooms are being refurbished, having a new extension built or during a new build project – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have UFH if your situation doesn’t fall into either of these groups.

If we are converting your system from using radiators to under floor heating this usually involves replacement or alteration of your existing flooring as well as updating your controls and heating system pipework.

Am I limited to the type of floor finish I can have?

Not at all – once the under floor heating is installed – you can choose from tiles, wood or carpet for your finished look.

Can you install under floor heating in any type of home or office space?

While under floor heating can be installed with any type of heating system (ie Oil, Gas, LPG or renewable heating source) not every space is suitable.

Our expert heating engineers will calculate the heating requirements of the room and be able to confirm if the available floor area will generate enough heat.

How much does it cost to have under floor heating installed?

The installation of under floor heating time scale and associated costs will vary depending on the type of project and costs are therefore calculated on a per project basis following a site visit.

Interested in a quote for under floor heating?

If you would like to arrange for Clarity Heating to come out and prepare an estimate to install under floor heating  and talk to you about the options available – please contact us via our request a quote form, or by calling us on 01353 862315, or start an online chat with our team.

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