Upgrading your central heating system

Clarity heating can help you with upgrading your central heating system to improve efficiencyClarity Heating can assist you in upgrading your central heating system – now is a great time because the latest technology being offered in today’s heating systems gives them the perfect opportunity to upgrade your central heating system whilst improving efficiency and of course lowering running costs.

The decision to upgrade your central heating usually involves replacing the boiler and heating controls. If you’re looking to go a step further and are considering heating your home or office with a renewable energy you may find our Understanding Renewables – Ground and air source heating in your home or office section useful.

There are many new technologies that are helping today’s households and businesses manage their heating systems more effectively – here are just a few examples of that technology in action:

Upgrading your central heating system with Clarity heating

Modern boilers are more efficient

Upgrading your central heating system, including new boilers are designed to be much more efficient and this efficiency helps to heat your home or commercial building at a lower cost – and at a time when utility companies are increasing prices to the consumer, every penny you save is a good thing.

Controlling your heating by a mobile device

Being able to manage your heating while being away from your home is something a lot of people are interested in – especially for those who commute every day and wish to come home to a warm house, or for those who forget to put the heating on before they get in to the office.

Having control of your boiler, when it comes on and how warm you want your environment at the touch of your finger tips firmly puts you back in the driving seat – this is at the heart of why you would go about upgrading your central heating system

This option is particularly attractive to people with holiday homes, weekend retreats and other situations where you may spend long periods away from the specific residence or building.

Weather compensation controllers

You may also have heard of the new systems which include a temperature sensor that connects to the new boiler and which monitors the outside temperature, not just your internal temperatures.

These sensor measures how hot or cold it is and calculates how hard or how little the boiler needs to work in order to maintain the desired inside temperature.

What’s ideal about these controllers is if you forget to turn your heating down and the day turns out to be uncharacteristically hot for the season with an old system the boiler will just heat up your house to whatever the thermostat tells it to – the new sensors, however, tell your boiler it doesn’t need to heat up so much – which in turns saves you money.

On the other hand if you leave the house and the heating is set on low, in a traditional system, and the day turns out to be colder than expected – in comparison, a weather compensation controller tells the boiler what’s expected of it and you’ll come back to a warm and toasty home instead. It really is a very intuitive way to manage your heating.

What to do next: Get in touch with Clarity Heating

If you’re reassessing the efficiency of your heating and you’d like to discuss ideas for upgrading your central heating system – please contact us via our contact us form, or by calling us on 01353 862315.

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