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Clarity Heating share some of the best tips and tricks for keeping you warm through the winter, from bleeding radiators to energy efficiency in your home and thermostatically controlling your central heating from your smartphone


How hard water hampers heating

Hard water is a fact of life in Cambridgeshire and East Anglia. In fact, many residents will be all too familiar with its impact on their kettles. But when it affects boilers or heating systems, you can’t just grin and bear it. That’s because hard water contains high calcium and magnesium content which, when heated, […]

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A guide to header and expansion tanks

In the lofts of houses or business premises which are served by an older or traditionally designed heating system you’ll find two tanks. The smaller of the two is known as the header or expansion tank. These tanks can come in slightly different shapes and sizes, but ultimately they all look roughly the same. The […]

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Get that warm glow by bleeding your radiators

The mornings have started getting frosty, but are you cosy and warm inside your home? If your heating is switched on but the house feels decidedly chilly, you may have trapped air in your system. Read on if you want to restore your radiators to their former glory!

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Control your heating from your mobile phone - Clarity Heating are approved installers

Control your heating from your mobile phone

Manufacturers and energy suppliers claim you can save money on your heating bills by installing one of the popular smart thermostats like Hive or Nest that allow you to control your heating from your mobile phone. But is it true? Whether you can save hundreds of pounds, as some claim, really depends on your lifestyle […]

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Why service my boiler, it’s working fine?

We’re often asked “Why service my boiler?” Most of us take our central heating system and hot water supply for granted. It’s unlikely that we think about our hard-working boiler, slaving away in the cupboard helping to keep us warm and clean. My boiler seems to be working fine, so why does it need a […]

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Advice on what to do if you detect a possible gas leak in your home

What to do if you smell gas in your home

Have you smelt gas in your home? In a gas emergency act quickly and calmly and take the following safety steps: Get fresh air immediately. Open all doors and windows to ventilate the room Switch off the appliance and do not use it again until it has been checked by our Gas Safe registered engineer Turn […]

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Choosing the right boiler brand is very important to your central heating efficiency

When should I replace my boiler?

Is your boiler on its last legs? The older it gets, the less energy-efficient it will be, so investing in a new modern boiler will save you money on your heating bills. Most boilers last ten to 15 years, although good quality newer ones might last 20 years. It depends on how regularly they’ve been […]

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Clarity heating are experts in central heating for churches

Central heating for churches

As experts in central heating for churches we know that heating a large and typically inefficient, low thermal space like a church building can be very challenging especially when you need to keep the costs down too. We provide church boiler services in East Anglia At Clarity Heating, our heating engineers have the necessary skills […]

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We help customers choose the right boiler for their property

Choosing the right boiler for your home

Choosing the right boiler for your home (or office) and heating needs can be challenging. You want to make the right decision, but you’re not sure what needs to be taken into consideration and the options on offer to you. If that sounds familiar, this blog post will help! What types of boiler are there? […]

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Independent review of Honeywell evohome intelligent heating system by Clarity Heating Ely

Review of Honeywell Evohome intelligent heating control system

While this product has been on the market for a couple of years I’d say it’s only in the last year or so that installers have begun to realise just what a great system this really is. Developed by Honeywell, who already have a fantastic reputation in the heating products market, the evohome heating system […]

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Clarity heating are experts in central heating controls and thermostat upgrades in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk

Get help to upgrade your central heating controls

If your existing controls are not working properly, you could find that it’s costing more than it should to heat your home or office building. What are central heating controls? When a heating engineer talks about heating controls they are typically referring to either of the following: room thermostat these are often found on the ground floor […]

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Clarity heating are experts in central heating for schools

Central heating for schools & community buildings

Boiler services for Schools and Community buildings Heating larger and typically inefficient, low thermal spaces such as those which are designed or used by schools and communities can be very challenging especially when you need to keep the costs down. At Clarity Heating, our heating engineers have the necessary skills and experience to help guide […]

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A basic guide: How to bleed your radiators

If your radiators have not heated up properly and you can feel a patch of cold to the top of the unit it’s more than likely that you have trapped air in the system which needs releasing so the water can flow around the pipes uninhibited. Trapped air in a central heating system is not […]

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How do radiators work?

Radiators are currently the most common option to disperse the heat produced from a boiler around your home or office space. But what many people don’t understand is that installing radiators that are too small into your heating system will cost you more to run. Why do undersized radiators cost more to run? Simply put […]

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Clarity Heating Recommends Viessmann Boiilers and Heating systems in Cambridgeshire
It doesn’t take long to come across the iconic Viessmann logo when browsing boilers and that’s for good reason. The company knows a thing or two about heating technology, having begun in 1917, and has continued to impress Clarity Heating’s engineers with some of the
Landlords must have an annual gas safety check by law and many homeowners are obliged to by their insurance company, but this doesn’t mean appliances are hazard-free for another year. And it certainly doesn’t guarantee they’re running cost-effectively. So as well as monitoring your boiler’s
If you're remodelling your home or upgrading your boiler you may want to think about repositioning your heating system to a completely different location.