Gas boiler installations

Our experienced engineers at Clarity Heating can complete a variety of gas boiler installations, ranging from a simple like for like swap, changing to a pressurised system or upgrading to a highly efficient weather-compensating controlled heating. This means we can accommodate your installation needs, requirements and provide you with expert advice.

At Clarity Heating, we only install the very best boilers, controls, and systems from manufacturers we trust and who make (in our opinion) units which are both efficient and long lasting.


Types of gas boilers

Combi Boiler example

Combi boiler

A combi (combination) boiler is perfect for smaller houses or in homes where hot water is not regularly needed at the same time.  This is because a combi gives you hot water on demand, meaning there is no need to heat up and store a tank of hot water – therefore cheaper to run. When considering choosing a combi boiler, it is important to consider the household demand for hot water as the flow rate will dictate the boiler capacity. A benefit of this boiler type is that only one unit is needed (the boiler), freeing up space in the house that a cylinder would have taken up.

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Regular Boiler

Regular boiler

Regular boilers are best suited for homes where hot water is in demand regularly at the same time. This is because a regular boiler is a heat only system. Heat is provided to the main distribution point (typically an airing cupboard with a hot water cylinder) where it splits to serve the hot water cylinder and heating circuit. A small cold-water tank in the loft is needed as this feeds the system’s water.

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System Boiler example

System boiler

A system boiler works in a very similar way to a regular boiler as it provides heat to the main distribution point in the house. However, system boilers are pressurised meaning there is no need for a loft tank. We can offer intelligent system boilers, from manufacturers we trust, that provide an individual circuit for hot water and a separate circuit for heating, without the need for additional components. Due to the heating circuit pump being an integral component of a system boiler, it is also covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

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