Gas safety checks for appliances

Gas pressure check

Clarity Heating are qualified to undertake gas safety checks on your appliances. An appliance gas safety check is carried out to ensure that appliances in your home or office are safe.

On completion of the gas safety check and providing the appliances have passed our tests a gas safety certificate, also known as a gas service certificate, is issued to you.

The certificate tells you that the appliance checked is safe to use and any relevant information is added to the paperwork before we leave. If it’s not safe, we’ll advise on what needs to be done before we can issue the certificate.

If you are looking for information on looking after your boiler, rather than a gas appliance such as a cooker or fire – you may be interested learning about annual boiler services and the types of boilers we can work with. Our engineers are also specialists at servicing and checking gas pipework in other types of buildings too – such as large country estates, period properties and community buildings (including churchesschools and village halls).

Why you might want an appliance gas check

You may feel you’d like to have an appliance gas check if:

  • Your gas appliance or appliances (including gas cookers, fires etc) are old and you need reassurance they are still safe to use.
  • You have moved into a property with a gas appliance or appliances, and you’d like to have them tested before you use them.
  • You are selling your home and a gas safety certificate for your appliances (as well as a boiler) has been requested by the purchaser’s solicitors.
  • You are responsible for the health and wellbeing of a group of people whether they be employees, volunteers or a community group – which regularly meets in a hall, community venue or personal residence.
  • You are a landlord and would like to have an appliance gas safety check carried out on appliances (you own) in your let property/properties for added peace of mind.
  • You have arranged an annual boiler service (either domestic or commercial) and you’d like our engineer to check the gas appliances at the same time.

How long does it take to carry out the necessary safety checks?

On average our heating engineer will only need one hour at your property or premises – but this may vary depending on the number and type of appliances and/or pipes we may be checking.

During our visit we will need access to the appliance(s) in question and the gas meter. We will essentially be checking your appliance is working correctly and there are no gas leaks. In summary that the appliance, or appliances, are safe to continue using.

Gas safety: It’s better to be safe than sorry

Although as a homeowner, tenant or business you do not have to have gas appliances checked by law – you may not know if everything is working correctly and burning the right amount of gas. A gas safety check is not terribly expensive when compared to the devastation caused by an explosion in your home or premises which was caused by a faulty appliance or leaking gas pipes.

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