Greenstar 8000: the most stylish and powerful combi boiler from Worcester Bosch

If you’ve always believed your boiler was an ugly duckling to hide away in a cupboard, then think again. The latest Worcester Bosch boilers have blossomed into something you might even want to show off, while at the same time promising huge amounts of power to heat large premises.

Style with substance

You’d be forgiven for mistaking the Greenstar 8000 for something out of science fiction, with its minimalist touch and smooth surfaces resembling the AI from A Space Odyssey.

This design-led approach defies expectations of what a boiler should look like, allowing it to be set up in most rooms around the house or office without looking too out of place.

Worcester Bosch took its visual focus a step further by realising two variants of the Greenstar 8000 called Life and Style, with the latter coming in a glossy black or white finish and both variants sporting touchscreen displays.

The new ‘Intelligent Filling System’

Our sci-fi reference wasn’t for nothing, as the Greenstar 8000 combi variant makes use of the industry’s first ever Intelligent Filling System that feels like it belongs in the future.

This technology automatically activates the unit’s internal filling valve once its pressure becomes sub-optimal and closes it when the right level has been reached, keeping the boiler running efficiently and reducing the need for call-outs.

The Greenstar 8000 can also send an alert if it’s losing more pressure than it can handle, meaning this vital part of boiler maintenance is carefully monitored.


The most powerful combi boiler?

Worcester Bosch claims the Greenstar 8000 is the most powerful combi boiler on the market, and it’s backed up by some impressive figures.

The unit comes in variants with between 30kW and 50kW in output, which is more than powerful enough to heat large properties, as well as a flue that can reach up to 17m in length, allowing for greater freedom when deciding where to place the boiler.

This kind of output and reach may feel unnecessary for smaller-sized properties, however with an efficiency rating of 94%, you’ll also retain heat exceptionally well.

While the Greenstar 8000 series isn’t cheap and it may come across as unnecessary for small properties, it’s one that challenges what a boiler should look like and how it integrates into the home, while offering more power than most on the market.

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