Power flushing your pipes and radiators


Power Flushing is a process where a powerful pump is connected to your system and literally flushes dirt and debris through the pipes and radiators, so it can be removed leaving you a clean and efficient heating system.

You may also hear heating engineers refer to using a magnetic flush kit in combination with the power flushing process, which complements the traditional power flush pump process.

The benefits to power flushing include:– increasing efficiency
by ensuring your heating system is clean of dirt and debris, the water flow to your radiators will be improved giving you a more efficient heating system which will keep you warm and save you money at the same time– reducing the chance of breakdowns
power flushing is an important part of maintaining your heating system (especially if it is old) even in newer ones which may have been poorly designed or installed with an insufficient dosage of chemical inhibitor added. Once the cleaning process has been completed it can have a knock on effect on the whole heating system – if the boiler can flow water around the system more efficiently it can vastly reduce the chances of boiler breakdowns which could be linked to overheating, leaking and, pump and temperature sensor failures.

– saving you money
it goes without saying that the more efficient your heating system and the less incidents that result in a heating engineer being called out the more money you will save.

You may think that having a Power Flush is an expensive option, but in the long run, and as an essential part of maintaining your heating system – it will undoubtedly save you money and reduce the chances of having a breakdown at the worst possible time.



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