Our range of heating services

At Clarity Heating, leading heating engineers in Cambridge we provide a wide range of heating services and believe in providing information so our customers know that when they need advice on heating their homes or offices efficiently, there’s just one place to visit.

If you have any questions or need further advice just give us a call on 01353 862315, email us or use our enquiry form.

Our Boilers and Heating section is packed full of advice on how to choose the right product for your home, business, community building or property let and provides further information on the likely costs:

New central heating boiler installations

If you are renovating your home, adding an extension or building a new home, Clarity Heating can install your new boiler quickly and professionally. We install boilers which are fuelled by natural gas (mains), LPG (bottled, bulk tank – above or underground) and Oil.

Boiler replacement and repair

Worried about your old boiler letting you down, just when you’ll need it? Is your boiler on it’s last legs or perhaps it’s even stopped working? Then Clarity Heating are here to help install a replacement boiler for you.

Central heating boiler servicing

If you have your boiler serviced every year the common problem of a boiler failing when it is started up again after a warm period can be avoided, meaning when you need your boiler it will be raring to go – making sure you and your family are toasty warm, worry free as the temperature drops.

Central heating installations

If you are considering a new or replacement boiler and/or new or replacement radiators (including pipework) in your home or commercial building, you need a competent and professional business to carry out a central heating installation for you.

Power flushing for heating systems

Power flushing involves one of our heating engineers’ coming out to your property and connecting a powerful pump to your heating system. We add chemicals to the process (which are perfectly safe to use) and circulate them through the boiler and radiators.

Under floor heating installation (UFH)

Under floor heating is fast becoming a very popular method to heat homes and commercial buildings. This is because lower temperatures are required to get the same heat out, if not more, than the more traditional radiators in your heating system. The lower the boiler flow temperature the more efficient the heating system and this results in reduced heating bills.

Upgrading your central heating system

For many individuals, families and businesses the latest technology being offered in today’s heating systems gives them the perfect opportunity to upgrade whilst improving efficiency and of course lowering running costs.

Gas safety services

It’s good to be in the know when it comes to gas safety, we’ve got information on Gas safety certificates (aka Gas service certificates)Appliance gas safety checks and important information about  carbon monoxide?.  We also provide useful advise on what do to if you smell gas?

Landlords gas safety certificates

If you’re a landlord of a domestic or commercial building visit our Landlords section to find out how we can help you:
A landlord gas safety certificate is issued to you by Clarity Heating on completion of an annual boiler service or gas pipework check on your rental property. This certificate shows that the boiler or pipework checked is safe for tenants to use. If the boiler or system is not safe, we’ll advise what has to be done and the associated costs.

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Landlords must have an annual gas safety check by law and many homeowners are obliged to by their insurance company, but this doesn’t mean appliances are hazard-free for another year. And it certainly doesn’t guarantee they’re running cost-effectively. So as well as monitoring your boiler’s
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