Gas safety certificates



A gas safety certificate, also known as a gas service certificate, is issued to you on completion of your annual boiler service or gas pipework check for homes and commercial buildings (ie offices). The certificate tells you that the boiler or pipework checked is safe to use and any relevant information is added to the paperwork before we leave. If it’s not safe, we’ll advise on what needs to be done before we can issue the certificate.

If you would like to read more about our annual boiler service and the types of boilers we can work with please visit our Annual Boiler Service web page. Our engineers are also specialists at servicing and pipework in other types of buildings too – such as large country estates, period properties and community buildings (including churches, schools and village halls).

If you are interested in learning more about safety checks on a gas appliances – you’ll find our Appliance Gas Safety Checks page useful. If you are arranging a boiler service you can ask us to check your gas appliance(s) at the same time.

Why you might need a gas safety certificate?

You will need a certificate if you fall into any of the following groups:

  • landlord of a private residential let or commercial building
  • a home owner with an insurance policy that requires an annual boiler service as part of a building insurance policy
  • a home owner with a boiler still under warranty, to ensure you meet the conditions of a claim should anything go wrong
  • you are selling your home and a gas safety certificate has been requested by the purchaser’s solicitors

You might need a certificate if:

  • you are a company running a business from either owned or rented premises where you are responsible for your own heating system etc

How long does it take to carry out the necessary safety checks?
On average our heating engineer will only need one hour at your property or premises – but this may vary depending on the type of boiler and/or pipes we may be checking.

During our visit we will need access to the boiler in question, any controls that are used to manage the boiler, and the gas meter. We will essentially be checking your boiler is working correctly and there are no gas leaks. We will be looking among other things at gas pressure, amount of gas being used and that safety devices are working properly. In summary that the boiler is safe to continue using.

How much will it cost to get a gas safety certificate?

As a certificate is issued as part of a boiler service, costs for a service start from as little as £80, including VAT – which is very little for the peace of mind it can bring you and your family, or employees.

Domestic gas boiler service £80
LPG boiler service £80
Domestic gas back boiler service £90
Oil boiler service (incl. replacement oil nozzle) £90
Commercial boiler service £80 – £120

Plus – gas appliance safety check (gas fire) from £40
Plus – gas appliance safety check (cooker/hob) from £18

It’s better to be safe than sorry

Although as a home owner you do not have to have an annual boiler service* (where we issue a gas safety certificate) by law – you may not know if everything is working correctly and burning the right amount of gas. Servicing is not terribly expensive when compared to the devastation caused by an explosion in your home which was caused by a faulty boiler or leaking gas pipes.

*see “Why you might need a gas safety certificate”.

If you need a gas safety certificate and want to book a boiler service with Clarity Heating please contact us via our book a boiler service form, or by calling us on 01353 862315.

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