Planning ahead with HeatCare


At Clarity Heating we don’t want our customers to worry about when their boiler’s annual service is due, or what will happen if their heating stops working when the weather turns cold and perhaps finances are a bit tight. So, we’ve introduced HeatCare to ensure you never have to worry again.

With HeatCare you can now plan ahead for everything, from the next service, to knowing you’ll be looked after if either the boiler and controls or something in your heating system goes wrong.We can even cover your hot and cold pipes and carry out regular safety checks on your gas appliances for added peace of mind.

Four payment plans to choose from

HeatCare offers four payment plans so you can decide which plan is right for you.

To help you compare plans and see what’s included and what’s not look at the table below. There are also some useful extra options which you can add to your plan once you’ve chosen.

Would you like to sign up for HeatCare?

There’s just two easy steps:

Step 1 – Which plan?
Choose which HeatCare plan best suits you and your needs.

Step 2 – Now set up your direct debit
Call us on 01353 862315 and we’ll start the direct debit process with you. Please make sure you have the following basic information ready:

  • name, address and contact information (incl. email address)
  • what fuel type your boiler is, the make and model
  • whether your boiler is under warranty
  • when your boiler was last serviced, and if it’s currently working ok
  • where your boiler is located
  • how many radiators are in the property to be covered by HeatCare
  • the HeatCare plan you have chosen

gc-logoWe use Go Cardless. A safe and secure way for our customers to manage their Direct Debits.


If you would like to take away this information to read – you can download the following:

Take out a plan with HeatCare and you’ll be warm and worry free (pdf)
HeatCare – We won’t leave you in the cold, your questions answered (pdf)

Any questions? We’d be delighted to tell you more and answer any questions you may have – call us on 01353 862315 or visit HeatCare FAQs for the most common questions we’re asked.

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