Guide to the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) scheme


The Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) is a financial incentive designed to encourage the uptake of renewable heating system installations among domestic consumers.

The scheme is not open to new build property projects, unless they are classed as self-builds. This means they are not carried out by a “property developer”, rather someone who is building a home (or homes) for themselves.

RHI is best suited to homes which are “off grid”- meaning they are without access to mains gas. These homes will have the most potential for savings on fuel bills and decrease carbon emissions.

You can use the RHI scheme with air source heat pumps. Visit our page Air Source Heat Pump installations and repairs for more information.

What do I get from being involved in the RHI scheme?

As described, the scheme operates as a “financial incentive” which means that for every unit of heat generated via a renewable energy source you will receive a payment.

If you are thinking about installing a renewable heating system then an online tool has been developed to help you calculate how much you might receive through the Domestic RHI Scheme.

For useful information on the renewable energy heating systems included in the tariff and how they work – a visit to Which’s website might be useful.

Frequently asked questions about renewable energy

I’ve heard I’ll need an Energy Performance Certificate, is this true?

Yes. The key to be able to take advantage of the RHI scheme is that the renewable heating system heats only a single property which is capable of obtaining a domestic EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). This certificate is the proof needed that your property is assessed as a domestic dwelling; without one, your application to the scheme will be unsuccessful and you will not be able to claim RHI.

What does an EPC include and how can I get one for my property?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) confirms the dwelling is classed as “domestic” and includes information about a property’s energy use as well as recommendations on how to reduce energy and save you money.

EPC’s are required every time you buy, sell or rent a property. They are also included as part of a Green Deal Assessment. Obtaining an EPC for your domestic property is crucial to applying for RHI.

If you already have renewable energy source heating installed and need an Energy Performance Certificate we can arrange that for you. We will be able to carry out a site survey and advise you if you can have any of the renewable heating products from the RHI tariff installed, and arrange the necessary EPC too.

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