Renewable Energy Installation in Ely

Clarity Heating, leading heating engineers in Ely, Cambridgeshire are experts in Renewable Energy installations, including Air source and Ground source heating.

With a lot of pressure on us all to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels the idea of turning to renewable energy as a way to heat our homes and commercial buildings is something many are considering. But, like with many things it’s not always possible to learn enough to feel comfortable making a decision on our own.

This is where Clarity Heating can help. We are able to explain the differences between renewable heating options such as Air Source and Ground Source, the pros and cons, and ultimately assist in helping you make the right decision for your situation and budget.

For more on our renewable energy installation in Ely services:

How Air source heating works: 1. Air source heat pump takes in air from outside 2. Using Electricity, the pump compresses the air and releases it at a higher temperature to heat water in your system 3. Heat is then sent to radiators and/or underfloor heating - the remainder is stored in a hot water cyclinder/butter tank 4. Stored hot water can be used for showers baths and taps

Air Source Heating

In these systems the air pumps work in a very similar way in extracting heat from the outside air as a fridge extracts heat from it’s inside to cool your food. These heat pumps can operate even when the outside temperature is as low as -15°C.

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Ground Source Heating

With a ground source heating system these run on electricity and rely on a heat pump to absorb heat from under the ground and use it to heat your home via radiators and also can supply hot water. These heat pumps are able to do this even when the temperature outside feels very cold, because it’s always a lot warmer underground.

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How does it work? Biomass Boilers: 1. Biomass boiler is fuelled by wood pellets. 2. Wood pellets are automatically fed into the boiler as and when it is needed and ignited automatically 3. Heat is then sent to radiators and/or underfloor heating - the remainder is stored in a hot water cylinder/buffer tank 4. Stored hot water can be used for showers baths and taps.

Biomass Heating

Biomass boilers and heating systems work by burning wooden pellets and work on a higher flow temperature than Ground or Air source heat pumps, therefore many radiator layouts and sizes will be adequate without the need to change them.

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