Saving energy, saving pennies

We’ve all read lots of stories about how saving energy can save us pennies, but sometimes it’s hard to know what to do, so you can see those savings in your own home. The possibilities range from installing a new boiler and heating system, to switching to under floor heating (UFH) or heating from a renewable source such as Ground Source Heat or Air Source Heat Pumps. The trouble with these options is you need to invest in them before you’ll see a reduction in your bills. Not everyone has the budget to do that, but they want to see their costs going down and do their bit for the environment too.

You might be surprised to know that one of the simplest, and cheapest, things you can do is look after your boiler. They are the unsung heroes in your home and often get forgotten about – that is until winter comes and they don’t work properly, or sometimes not at all.

When it comes to looking after your boiler all you need to do is have it serviced every year – and with costs for an annual boiler service starting from as little as £80* (including VAT for a domestic boiler) it’s a low cost investment with a potentially big return.

What benefits are there from having my boiler serviced every year?

There are many benefits to having an annual boiler service, the main ones which focus on increasing efficiency and saving money include:

  • The regular safety check which is part of your annual boiler service, will ensure your boiler is functioning correctly. The better the boiler works the more efficient it will be.
  • Modern condensing gas boilers can get blockages in the condensing trap, pipe or sump if they are not cleaned regularly. Blockages can cause your boiler to stop working properly – which can mean they are at the very least less efficient and may even stop working which will result in repair costs.
  • During an annual service your engineer will check that the gas settings are correct, too much or too little gas can greatly effect the efficient running of your boiler.
  • A high number of modern day boiler faults are preventive with the correct servicing and inspections. Avoiding breakdowns means you spend less money on repairs.
  • Regular servicing undoubtedly increases the life of your boiler. Would you run a car without it ever being serviced and expect it to last over 20 years?
  • Because servicing is part of preventive maintenance, you stand a much better chance of avoiding boiler failure. Breakdowns don’t just cost you money, they also cause inconvenience – that repair may take time to get in replacement parts or have a knock on effect which damages other parts.


The damaging effects of not having your boiler serviced every year means your boiler is not working as efficiently as it should and may possibly lead to a boiler breakdown or gas leak. (Photo of an oil boiler that has not been serviced regularly).

It’s also worth remembering that:

An annual boiler service is often needed to maintain your warranty.

  • Ignoring a faulty boiler may cost you a lot more than money. Every year people lose their lives to gas explosions in their homes caused by a faulty or poorly fitted boiler. We think that spending less than £100 a year to help avoid a tragedy like this is well worth it, don’t you?
  • As sure as eggs are eggs, without a proper annual service your boiler is likely to let you down just when you need it the most. And if you are responsible for a household with children, old people or vulnerable adults that’s something you should be looking to avoid.

If you’d like to know more about annual boiler services from Clarity Heating please visit our Boiler Service page for more details.

*costs correct when page was published, please check our page on Annual Boiler Service or Our Rates and Charges for up to date prices.

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