Save money in your home with smart controls

Smart technology is more popular than ever and seeing various smart devices in the home which manage lighting, music and security is now common place. At Clarity Heating there is a particular area of smart tech that’s got us excited and that’s smart controls which help you get the best from your heating system, and best of all save you money.

What are smart controls?

“Smart controls” is a generic term for a device, typically a hand held piece of tech with an interactive interface a bit like a tablet or mobile, which controls the various “systems” in your home.

But when we think about smart controls, something that’s really interesting us at the moment is smart heating controls and how they are helping customers manage the heating in their homes and saving money at the same time.

So how can they save you money?

Smart heating controls are at the centre of an intelligent heating system that will allow you to create and individually control heating zones and hot water in your home. The heating zone can be configured in many different ways such as:

  • grouping rooms near to each other
  • grouping rooms depending on the activity that goes on in each area
  • or creating a zoning plan based on the frequency rooms are used
  • and control of hot water time and temperature

This means that instead of your heating just being on or off you can have a more intelligent system which gives you the ability to tailor the heating in your house to each room (or group of rooms), meeting your exact needs both now and in the future, however that may change. There’s no need to have the whole house being controlled by a single thermostat any more which dictates heating across a large area that is used in different ways, by different people and different times. An intelligent heating system will help you decrease your usage and save money on your bills.

Are Smart Heating Controls available to everyone?

Yes, absolutely! Unlike the introduction of smart technology (like for audio and security) which entered the market with pretty hefty price tags, systems which have smart heating controls are already being offered for people on smaller budgets. We particularly like the evohome intelligent heating system from Honeywell. Starting with an entry-level single-zone thermostat for small to medium sized properties Honeywell’s evohome system is an affordable option to take even more control of your heating.

How can I get an evohome intelligent heating system in my house? Simply contact us on 01353 862315 and we’ll arrange to pop out and talk you through the system and how it can work in your home to help you save money.

We’re a qualified Honeywell heating installer and we’ll be able to advise you which evohome components you will need to create a tailored solution, the final cost and discuss an installation timeline.

evohome - intelligent heating system

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