Miss M, Ely

“I just wanted to feed back to you on just how impressed I have been with your level of service, client care and the end result of your efforts.

Despite living in a modern terrace, the house has never felt overly warm unless the heating was turned up to about 24 degrees. We originally put this down to our old Powermax, but when we had a new Vaillant installed three years ago and this didn’t really change we were a little disappointed. Then, two years after installation of the new boiler, the electrics would trip each time the condenser pump activated. We had the original engineers out who carried out a full service and advised us we needed a PowerFlush. Having a little knowledge can sometimes be a powerful thing and I just couldn’t see how a power flush of our heating system (when this had only been carried out three years ago at the time when the boiler was replaced) could really be necessary.

I called in the cavalry at Clarity Heating who instantly found that the problem with the electrics was due to a fault on the condenser pump (later on also finding that this was possibly due to a crack on the pipework leading to this and a subsequent drip leak which was running down the pipe and into the condenser). The part was swiftly ordered and replaced and whilst on site the boiler was re-commissioned by the engineer who attended at a very convenient time for me. Since the boiler has been re-commissioned and the new pump installed we have had absolutely no issues at all and, with the temperature set at 20 degrees the house retains an ambient temperature throughout.

We can’t wait to have you back to replace the leaky valves and then we will be fully up and running again with a group of engineers on board that we know we can fully trust and are reliable and cost effective.

Thank you so much Clarity.”

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