Get help to upgrade your central heating controls

Central heating controls

If your existing controls are not working properly, you could find that it’s costing more than it should to heat your home or office building.


What are central heating controls?

When a heating engineer talks about heating controls they are typically referring to either of the following:

  • room thermostat
    these are often found on the ground floor of a building, and in large properties often a second thermostat can be found upstairs as well.
  • programmer
    the programming unit is often found in the kitchen of most properties, near the boiler (if accessible) or sometimes in the airing cupboard.

Will upgrading my heating controls save me money?

Installing modern versions of either or both of these controls will help you keep your rooms at a more even temperature, and allow you better control over when you want your heating or hot water to come on or go off – which will in turn mean you use less “fuel” and save you pennies in the long run.

How much does it cost to upgrade my central heating controls?

Upgrading your heating controls could be as simple as changing a thermostat or programmer to a complete replacement of controls which takes a little longer. Contact us for prices.

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